You have been printing for years and have always wondered how good your printing parameters are, at what printing temperature the material has the highest strength? Now you have the possibility to find out on an easy and cheap way.

We offer you the following tests:

Tensile test

The test specimen is clamped in the test rig and pulled apart until it breaks. The force and displacement are recorded and evaluated.

Impact test

In the impact test, the test specimen is loaded with one impact pendulum at a time. The energy required for the fracture is measured. The higher the energy, the tougher the material.

With only two testing methods you get a good evaluation of your printing settings.

How it works:

1.) Order the desired test package in the shop and download the test specimens.
2.) Print the test specimens with your settings – we offer the testing of three or five test specimens per test.
3.) Send us your test specimens. To protect your specimens from moisture, please send it vacuum packed or in a plastic bag. Fill out the test information sheet with your information.
4.) We will test your samples and send you the detailed test report. Sample reports can be found under Downloads.
5.) Now you know how good your settings are. Compare your values with others and compare the printer settings to optimize your printing process.