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You have placed an order and have not received a confirmation email?

Please check your SPAM folder. We will automatically send you a confirmation of receipt by email for each order. If you have no message in your SPAM folder please contact us at: support@w2polymer.com

How is the diameter of the filaments determined?

The filament is measured in x and y in 2 directions, the mean value of the values x and y corresponds to the diameter.

Where do I send my Test your print specimen?

The best way to send the test specimens is to pack them (vacuum packed or in a ülastic bag) to the following address:
W2 Polymer GmbH, Test your print, Schrems 100, A-8130 Frohnleiten, Austria

Is the granules dried before processing?

The granules is tried before processing according to the requirements to ensure the best quality. The granules for self extrusion is dried as well.

What are the shipping costs?

The complete overview of the shipping costs and when your shipment will be delivered for free will you find here: [Shipping methods]

Which means of payment are accepted?

All common means of payment are accepted. If your desired payment method is not represented contact us under: support@w2polymer.com


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W2 Polymer GmbH
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